Live Art & Exhibits

In Seabrook we LOVE art… take a look around at all of our larger than life Pelicans! And because we LOVE art we want to share that love of art at Celebration Seabrook. Attendees even have opportunities¬†to create their own art and help us paint a new Seabrook Pelican. As we add art features to our event, we will add them here on the website too… so check back soon for updates.

Chalk Painters

Our chalk painters did such a stellar job last year that we have invited them back in 2018! We cannot wait to see the mockups of this year’s artwork. These talented artists will amaze you with their skills. Who knew you could do that with chalk?!?

Skate Park Mural

We started painting the skate park… why not keep going?!? Shelbi Nicole has been invited back to continue her mural art on another ramp at the skate park. We can’t wait to see what she comes up with!

Pelican Selfies

We love our Seabrook Pelicans so much that we will bring several to the festival for display. These larger than life pelicans will make your selfie stand out on Instagram and Snapchat. And did we mention that we will have a SnapChat filter available the day of the event? Well, we will. Share the #SeabrookLove with all your friends and family by snapping a selfie with a pelican!

Art Vendors

Last year we had 20 artists and this year we hope to have more!

One of the BEST and most affordable Music and Art Festivals in the Bay! Celebration Seabrook the Bigger, Better BAYfestival!